Neighbourhood Planning

Wildlife Resource Mapsurveying

ERCCIS can provide information to help community groups involved in developing Neighbourhood Plans. As part of the information gathering for your Neighbourhood Plan you will need to consider the wildlife and geological resource in the area. This is vital in order to steer development away from the most sensitive areas and can also help in 'positive planning', for example looking to enhance, expand and link areas that are important for wildlife.

In liaison with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, ERCCIS has developed a Wildlife Resource Map. The map includes statutory designations, non-statutory designations and semi-natural habitat (habitats that are not highly modified), grouped to reflect the hierarchy of protection as laid out in the National Planning Policy Framework. Areas that we know are owned and managed by conservation organisations are also shown for your information.
Accompanying guidance notes provide help in interpreting the map and give a summary of protected species groups which should be considered in any development, regardless of location.


Neighbourhood Planning Wildlife Resource Maps and guidance notes are available from ERCCIS at a charge of £80 plus VAT; this covers the cost of developing and producing the maps.

If you would like to request a Wildlife Resource Map, please complete a Bespoke Data Request Form and state that you require a Wildlife Resource Map for Neighbourhood Planning in the 'Reason for Request' box.