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Bottlenose dolphin by Adrian Langdon
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ERCCIS acts as the central holding point for biological and geological data for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

Want to find out what wildlife can be found in your area, need data for a research project or need to make a commercial request for wildlife, habitat or designation information? Whether you’re a researcher or student, a landowner, local recording group or working on requesting data for commercial reasons, such as to support planning applications ERCCIS can help.


Making use of the wealth of biological, geological and habitat information available at ERCCIS is easy.

Are you a commercial client or SLA holder? If so please head to our NEW Online Data Search Portal (EDS) here

Interested in what is in your area? Use the explore records portal on our ORKS page

If you are a non-commercial client, or require a more specialised request, then we can carry out a bespoke data search to fit your requirements. Please fill the form in below. 

Firstly it is important to take some time to consider the information you require to ensure we provide the most appropriate information for your needs. Please read all about all the Information we Hold and our Terms and Conditions before proceeding to the request form at the bottom of this page.

There may be a charge for this service - depending on the type and reason for your request and will endeavour to let you know this as soon as possible once we have received your form. 

If you are a stakeholder and wish to request data, please contact us directly/

Information Request Form

Contact Details

Type of Request - who are you

Let us know why you are asking for information. Include a project description if applicable. 

(eg - Working as an agent for landowners to compile an application for Forestry Commission woodland grant to extend woodlands) 

Please give us the location, address and postcode of the area you would like information for. If this is part of a project, please add the project name. 

(eg Waterloo Farm, Blisland Community Woodland Project, PL522TT)

Information Required

Please select all the information you require from the list below. 

Reference the list found on the information we hold page [link] and if there is something specific you need please add it to 'other'

Statutory - Statutory include Ramsar sites, Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas, National Nature Reserves, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Local Nature Reserves and Marine Conservation Zones
Non-Statutory - Non-Statutory include County Wildlife Sites, Cornwall Geology Sites (RIGS), Cornwall Wildlife Trust Reserves, sites listed in the Cornwall Roadside Audit, sites in the Ancient Woodland Inventory for Cornwall.
Habitat - Land Cover. ERCCIS Landcover maps 2005, including semi-natural habitat interpretation
Habitat - BAP Habitat - UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority habitat maps
Habitat - Phase 1 Habitat - ERCCIS Phase 1 habitat map interpretation
Habitat - Hedges layer - 2015 interpretation of rural hedges within Cornwall using LiDAR data
Datasets and Species
Inventory Datasets - including North Coast Intertidal habitat survey and the Heathland Inventory for Cornwall
Species - All Species for your area
Species - Notable species drawn from the Joint Conservation Committee Species of Conservation Concern list

Terms & Conditions

Please read our Non-Commercial Terms and Conditions before you send this form and tick that you agree.