Online Introduction to Insect Identification

Sloe Bug and Tortoise Shieldbug

Do you want to know how to tell your hoverflies from your solitary bees, your larvae from your nymphs or your mayflies from your caddisflies? Sally Luker and Derek Green will be guiding us in the identification of the main insect groups. Join us from the comfort of your own home!

As the title suggests, the workshop is at an introductory level and we are seeking to achieve three things:

  • to familiarise you, or re-familiarise you, with the terminology of insect parts, which is invaluable for making sense of field guides.
  • to familiarise you with how an insect’s various features can be used in its identification.
  • to help you develop the skills and knowledge to be able to recognise and define the main insect groups

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