Online Introduction to Botany

Buttercup and Red Campion

Derek Green will be leading our first ever virtual remote workshop, guiding us in the basics of wildflower identification. Join us from the comfort of your own home!

As the title suggests, the workshop is at an introductory level and we are seeking to achieve three things:

  • to familiarise you, or re-familiarise you, with the terminology of plant anatomy, which is obviously important for making sense of field guides and keys, etc.
  • to familiarise you with how a plant’s various anatomical features can be used in its identification
  • to help you develop the skills and knowledge to be able to recognise members of some of the main plant families

We feel that there would be limited purpose in using the workshop to teach you a relatively small number of species identifications, as that has little wider application for you. Instead, what we’re aiming to do is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to be able to look at a plant in the field and be able to say to yourself “I might not know what species it is, but from that feature, that feature and that feature, I’ve got a pretty good idea which family it belongs to”. You can then go straight to the appropriate section in your field guide and have a much greater chance of successfully, and more quickly, identifying your plant.

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