Mosses and Liverworts on Trees

Large White-moss by Sarah McKenzie

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After our introductory workshop on Mosses and Liverworts last year, we return to the subject to focus on ‘epiphytic bryophytes’ – those that grow on trees and other sturdy plants. Complete beginners are welcome along with those who attended last year’s workshop.

It's no secret that bryophytes aren't the easiest group to get into, but Roy Jeffery (who lead last year's workshop) breaks them down into distinct groups and focuses on key id features, at a pace suitable for complete beginners. By the end of this workshop, you will know what to look for in identifying a moss or liverwort, and be able to recognise some of the most common and distinctive species that grow on trees.

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Event Date
Event Location
Cabilla and Redrice Woods, Bodmin
Event Level
Beginner to Intermediate
Event Cost
£35 standard / £72 commercial
Event Leader
Roy Jeffery
Event Number
01872 302254
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