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Information we hold - Designation

Designation InformationSea bass by Niki Clear

A standard search can provide information about both statutory designations and non-statutorydesignations. A full list of all designations can be found below. 

Designation information will be summarised in a corresponding letter and accompanied by designation maps prepared from definitive boundary information, supplied with site citation sheets and site summary sheets where available.

Designations available:


  • Ramsar sites, 
  • Special Protection Areas (SPAs) 
  • Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) 
  • Candidate Special Areas of Conservation (cSAC)
  • Marine Conservation Zones
  • recommended Marine Conservation Zones (rMCZ)
  • National Nature Reserves (NNRs) 
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) 
  • Local Nature Reserves (LNRs)


  • County Wildlife Sites (CWS) 
  • County Geology Sites (RIGS)
  • Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserves
  • Voluntary marine conservation areas (VMCAs)
  • Sites listed in the Cornwall Roadside Verge Inventory 
  • Sites on the Ancient Woodland Inventory for Cornwall


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