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Help using ORKS

Download the ORKS User Guide

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Are you having trouble using ORKS, or like to know a little more about some of the features of the website and how to best use the website, we are here to help. You can find help pages for using ORKS and frequently asked questions to help you while using this website, from help with recording wildlife, dealing with species which are protected or could be sensitive to disturbance or submitting marine mammal records

Help with species identification

Our Wildlife Information Service team can you help with local wildlife advice, whether you would like help with species identification or advice on where to focus recording effort for specific species or taxon groups. If you would like help with identifying a species you can Contact the WIS team  


Submit your sighting onto ORKS with as much detail as you can, please include photos where possible and we will help confirm the species identification with you. 

Help with recording groups

ORKS groups are for local recording and wildlife groups in Cornwall to help you with easily managing and sharing your wildlife records and data with members of your group and with ERCCIS.  Find out more about Local recording groups here. 


ORKS training

ERCCIS runs a number of training events on using ORKS for local group each year. To find out about the next event please check the ERCCIS Events web page for more details. You can contact us via the link below to find out more about our events.

If you need more help then please contact us.


ORKS verification

All records are verified by experts in their field. For more information and guides for verifiers please read our user guide.