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The map will show you the spatial distribution of the species and the graphs below will give you the option to look at the species and record count as well as the different groups and when in that year they were recorded.

Species are shown at 2km and sensitive records are recorded as ‘sensitive records’.

The boxes at the top are your first port of call:

  • Search by a year range.
  • Use the dropdown menu in species group to filter by a particular group.
  • Choose a species or taxon name. Start writing the animal you want to search for and it will automatically give you options.
  • You can also search by all three. The searches are not automatic so press go when you are ready.
  • Reset any search by pressing reset.

The Search by Boundary buttons are your way to navigate the map. Click the button to select a grid square on the map. Or draw a shape (), line () or point () on the map to choose a specific area.

You can clear any shape you have made by clicking .

The graphs below give you various ways to analyse the data.

  • The records are filtered further by month.
  • The two numbers show the difference between species recorded and total number of records.
  • The pie chart visualises these numbers.
  • The species numbers are reflected in the left hand table, with the right hand table lists all records for your specific year range.

Species count
Record count
Species groups
Records by time of year
Records by year
Species list
Species group Scientific name Common name First year Last year Tetrads Count
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species196020234404156
Sensitive speciesSensitive speciesSensitive species1960202393328822
birdSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species1960202394725480
flowering plantSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species1960202380011604
terrestrial mammalSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species1960202397919228
terrestrial mammalSensitive speciesSensitive species200820231540
acarine (Acari)Hydracarina199120223552274
acarine (Acari)Hydrachnidae199920223497
acarine (Acari)Oribatei19992022132271
acarine (Acari)Ixodes2022202211
acarine (Acari)Aceria nalepai198020211717
acarine (Acari)Aceria pseudoplatani197220215271
acarine (Acari)Aceria sanguisorbae1997202036
acarine (Acari)Aceria thomasi197220211641
acarine (Acari)Aculus2021202111
acarine (Acari)Aculus laevis1984202166
acarine (Acari)Cecidophyes rouhollahi2016202189
acarine (Acari)Epitrimerus trilobus2004202144
acarine (Acari)Eriophyes similis196020195373
acarine (Acari)Phyllocoptes eupadi197420211920
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Records list
Species group Scientific name Common name Year Month Grid reference
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20195SW61T
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20205SW73E
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20205SX17I
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20215SX06K
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20225SW61T
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20235SW61X
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20206SX06K
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20216SW61T
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20226SW61X
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20236SX06K
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20237SX17D
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20193SX06K
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20224SW61X
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20235SW61T
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20235SX07X
SensitiveSensitive SpeciesSensitive Species20196SW73D
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