Visualisation Services

There are many methods of visualising data that can lead to powerful storytelling and further insights.   The ability of graphs or graphics to summarise large amount of data allow you to tell the story and ERCCIS can help achieve this.

ERCCIS has many years of experience in the mapping of sites based data, biological records and model outputs. ERCCIS staff are available to create or advice on summary visualisations and infographics based on any of our hosted datasets.

Examples of ERCCIS visual services include:

  • Species Trend Analysis
Visualisation - Species Trends
Species trends visualisation







ERCCIS utilised it’s biological records evidence base and complex modelling to look at the trends in species occupancy across Cornwall in the last ~40 years.  While this work is currently undergoing review and remains unpublished the infographics used show the potential visual representations to convey the information.

  • Visualisation of the distribution of biological recording (Visual gap analysis)
Visualisation - gap analysis
Species gap analysis visualisation








To help biological recorders get an overview of the available distribution of certain species or entire group ERCCIS often produce visualisations (most commonly maps!) of the spatial and temporal resolution of our biological data holding. 

In Autumn 2019 you will be able to view every species ERCCIS host data on at 2Km resolution in the ORKS public portal.  Allowing biological records to make their own gap analysis maps as needed.