Analysis and Interpretation Services

ERCCIS manages a plethora of data that underpins our combined knowledge of the natural environment of Cornwall and Scilly.  ERCCIS staff maintain and update this data, which when combined creates an essential evidence-base for a huge variety of clients and partners.  

Using data contained within this evidence base or specifically gathered for the purpose ERCCIS can carry out a range data analysis and interpretation projects to your specification including;

  • Species distribution and trend analysis to led into securing investment for species protection;
  • Analysing geographic habitat dataset for temporal and spatial change;
  • Create ecological networks or ecological opportunity maps which can focus landscape scale conservation work;
  • Habitat connectivity assessment for protected species, to identify core areas, important corridors, barriers to dispersal and opportunities for improving connectivity.

All of our data analysis and interpretation projects are bespoke and tailored to your needs, if you would like to discuss your requirements or for further examples of the work we carry out, please contact

Example of analysis work undertaken at ERCCIS includes;

  • Recording Distribution (gap analysis)

By looking at the “gaps” in records we can encourage biological records & local groups to target these known data poor location to see if particular species are truly absent from a given location or have just never been recorded in that particular location.

Analysis Example
Spatial analysis example
Condatis Connectivity mapping example