Recording Grasshoppers and Crickets

The order Orthoptera includes a range of species from the grasshopper, cricket, earwig, cockroach,

Field Grasshopper by Ian French
@ Ian French

stick-insect and mantid groups. There are 39 species of orthoptera found in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, some are non-native species introduced to the UK by human activity. 

But orthoptera are not very well recording here in Cornwall, as well as the rest of the UK. We're keen to encourage and support any recorders interested in helping to expand our understanding of these intriguing species. Below you'll find some links and resources to help you, and please contact us for any help and advice. 



There are many identification guides available for grasshoppers and crickets available for the UK and for Cornwall specifically. Follow the links below to access these resources


National Guides

The Grasshoppers and related insects Recording Scheme for Britian and Ireland was launched in 1968 to collect records, create distribution maps and study the populations. 

Download the national guide for Common Bush-cricket

Download the national guide for Earwigs, Cockroaches & Stick-insects

You can buy the photographic field guide to Grass Hoppers of Britian and Ireland by Martin Evans online.



                A Recording Revolution - bat detectors for Orthopterists

Recording grasshoppers and crickets using a bat detector has revolutionised the process of recording for these groups. The bat detector picks up on the ultrasound emissions form these species allowing the recorder to not only quickly obtain the presence or absence or activity, but to identify the species. 

Download the Bat Detectors – A Beginner’s Guide for Orthopterists

Download sound recordings for identifing Orthoptera





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