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Wildlife in your Garden - FAQs

The Wildlife Information Service (WIS), run by ERCCIS, acts as the first point of call for anyone wanting to learn about wildlife in Cornwall. Acting as a one-stop-shop, WIS allows you quick and effective access to the wealth of information, experience and knowledge available at ERCCIS.

First stop - our Wildlife FAQ sheets  - These guides can help with making your garden a wildlife haven. Here you can find some initial information as well as answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Hopefully they will help you to start making your space more environmentally friendly and provide a home, food and space for wildlife in your garden or land.

Download our FAQ Sheets

Wildlife Gardening Basics

Bombus lapidarius by Kevin Thomas
@Kevin Thomas

An overview of the principles of making your garden more wildlife friendly

Homes for Wildlife

Instructions for making all kinds of creature features


The art of recycling your organic waste

Helping Birds in your Garden

Ways to encourage a diversity of birds into your garden

Bird Boxes

How to build and site a next box in your garden

Helping Bats in your garden

Ways to help bats, and how to build and site a bat roost box

frog and spawn by Adrian Davey
@Adrian Davey

Reptiles in your Garden

An introduction to reptiles in Cornwall and how you can help

Amphibians in your Garden

An introduction to amphibians and how you can help

Badgers in your Garden

Why Badgers make use of gardens and ways you can reduce associated problems

Moles in your Garden

Why Moles make use of gardens, and ways you can reduce associated problems

Ponds for Wildlife

How to create and manage a wildlife pond in your garden

Invertebrate-friendly Gardening

An introduction to mini-beasts commonly found in gardens and ways to give them a helping hand


Wildlife Hotel by Tamara Weeks
@Tamara Weeks