Molluscs of Cornwall and Scilly

Slug by Terry Dunstan

Overlooked and ignored, snails and slugs are hugely valuable and important to our ecosystems.


This atlas is intended to stimulate interest in recording of terrestrial and freshwater molluscs in Cornwall and Scilly.  Land and freshwater mollusc are under recorded in the county, and so this atlas is deemed 'provisional' since there are doubtless more species and many more records to be discovered. There are around 120 to 130 species of non-marine mollusc recorded in Cornwall, only half of these are commonly found as many are rare or possibly extinct in the county. 

The atlas for land and freshwater mollusc has accounts for each species recorded in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, each species page has a distribution map, a small explanatory paragraph and high quality line diagrams.

How to get your copy

You can order your copy of ‘Atlas of the land and freshwater molluscs of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly' for £10 (plus P&P) from ERCCIS head office, please Contact Us for more information about payments.