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Want to find out what wildlife can be found in your area, need data for a research project or need to make a commercial request for wildlife, habitat or designation information?  We carry out bespoke data searches for a specified study area according to your requirements. All information products are created from scratch using up-to-date records and changes to designations and legislation. Whether you’re a researcher or student, a landowner, local recording group or working on requesting data for commercial reasons, such as to support planning applications we can help.

Please follow the links below to find out more for your specific request and to download the appropriate request form.

Please note that we are only able to offer this service free of charge to non-commercial enquirers looking to conduct research projects for conservation purposes.


How to make a data request

Making use of the wealth of biological, geological and habitat information available at ERCCIS is easy.

You can now gain online access to ERCCIS species records for specific taxa groups through our online recording service, ORKS. Just log into ORKS website and follow the instructions. You will be given access to filter and search through your requested records and view as a map and interactive table.

If you require more specialised data search, or would like additional information such as habitat and designations, we can carry our a bespoke search to your needs. It’s important to first take some time to consider the information you require to ensure we provide the most appropriate information for your needs. please download and fill out an appropriate Information Request Form below, available below return it to WIS. If you are a stakeholder and wish to request data, please contact us directly

Download the General Request form

Download the Research Request form


Access Biological Records Online

You can now explore and map ERCCIS data through Online Recording Kernow and Scilly (ORKS) website, using our new Access Data facility. You can request access to one or many specific taxon groups to view individual records, explore and map data and filter according to your interestes. 

Access ERCCIS data through ORKS 


Available Products

ERCCIS keeps up to date with a wide range of facts, figures and reports allowing us to provide information on almost any wildlife issue, but we are only able to do this with the help of people like you, submitting your wildlife records to ERCCIS and keeping our information up-to-date. You will no doubt collect your own data from surveys you conduct as part of your project, and as we are supplying you with the data we hold, we would be grateful if you could return the favour. Please do check our wildlife recording website ORKS to find out more about how you can make your own contribution or ask one of the WIS team about getting involved in biological recording or joining local recording groups.

Click on the headings below to find out more

  • Designation Information
    A standard search involves a search of the study area for statutory and non-statutory designations most relevant to conservation – a list of these can be found on the Information Request Form. Designation information will be summarised in a corresponding letter and accompanied by designation maps prepared from definitive boundary information, supplied with site citation sheets and site summary sheets where available
  • Habitat Information
    An overview of the habitat of the local area can be a very useful aid in planning. For your study area, we are able to provide Phase One habitat data, widely recognised as the industry standard for habitat surveys. For a more accessible representation of habitat, ERCCIS Landcover creates a more visually appealing map which can be easily interpreted by those unfamiliar with Phase One. Finally, we are able to map the areas of Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Priority Habitat within your study area, thus identifying the areas of habitat most important for conservation. Nineteen priority habitats have been selected for the search; please contact us if you require a list or definitions of these habitats.
  • Species Information
    Once you request a species data search WIS will search through over 6 million species records that ERCCIS holds to find the species that have been recorded in your study area. You can choose to have record information of all species, notable species drawn from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) Species of Conservation Concern (SOCC) list, or a specific taxonomic group (e.g. bats*). Depending on your requirement WIS will then provide a bespoke spreadsheet list, an pdf list and a GIS map of species records in your study area;

    Site-specific Data Searches; we can offer information on the designations, habitats and species recorded for any specified area