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The Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS) working to collate, manage and disseminate biological and geological information for use in research, conservation and sustainable development, working with local and national biological recorders and conservation organisations for the better environmental conservation of the county.
As a Local Environmental Record Centre, ERCCIS works to support and facilitate recording across Cornwall, through our Wildlife Information Service and online recording website ORKS - Online Recording Kernow and Scilly

ERCCIS is been accredited by the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres in 2016, by meeting the national standards for environmental data management and provision. 

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June 2018
They’re the harbingers of spring, the hard-working sustainers of life, and the reason why plants evolved such breathtakingly beautiful flowers. Bees are abuzz all over Cornwall, and you may be greeting your black-and-gold garden visitors while wondering what type of bee they are.

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