Our Data Holdings

ERCCIS acts as the central holding for biological and geological data for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We provide a resource to collate, manage and disseminate information concerning the state of the county's natural environment, and to make this accessible for informed recording, research, conservation, and sustainable management.


ERCCS manages over 6 million records, shared with us from local recorders, recording groups and projects as well as national societies, recording schemes and statutory bodies. All wildlife records are validated and verified through the ERCCIS verification protocol to ensure high quality and accuracy. 


We hold a range of habitat information which is available on request, from detailed Phase 1 survey data; widely recognised as the industry standard, or Land Cover data, a repeated habitat survey generated by ERCCIS based on aerial photography giving a easily interpreted and visually accessible map, or Priority Habitat data identifying habitats of more importance to conservation, based on JNCC Biobiversity Action Plan (BAP) list.


We can provide information about both statutory designations, such as Special Ares of Conservation (SAC), Special protected Areas (SPA) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and non-statutory designations, such as County Wildlife Sites, County Geology Sites and Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas (VMCA).