Jun 2017

A new publication describing nearly 1000 wild and naturalised species of flowers and ferns found in the Isles of Scilly is getting high praise from professional botanists and amateur enthusiasts th

Nov 2016

The Alexanda Recorders Fund was established in December 2015 in memory of Walter Alexanda Marsh by his daughter. 

Aug 2016

The Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS), hosted by Cornwall Wildlife Trust has achieved the nationally

Aug 2016

Once decimated by relentless persecution, the magnificent Osprey has been making a comeback across the United Kingdom—and thanks to the dedicated work of the Friends of the Fowey Estuary and other

May 2016

Vivid carpets of violet unravelling across the forest floor have long been a beloved herald of a British spring.  Consistently voted the nation’s favourite flower, British bluebells (Hyaci

Apr 2016

in Marine category

Recording and identifying species is not always straightforward and sometimes requires consulting experienced recorders and experts to ensure records are accurate.

Apr 2016

in Publication category

Patrick Saunders and ERCCIS are proud to announce the first Atlas for Bumblebees (Bombus) for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has been published. 

Mar 2016

If ever you find a bait pot washed up, take a look inside, you never know what you might discover!

Mar 2016

in Mapping category

A solitary bottlenose dolphin, with a distinctive fin, first caught the UK media’s attention when he ventured into our Cornish waters in 2014 and has since explored our coasts from as far south and

Feb 2016

in Enviroment category

With the conservation news full of stories about native mammals, such as the benefits and risks of releasing European Beavers (Castor fiber) and the controversial cull of European Badger (