Marine and Coastal Code

Bottlenose dolphin by Adrian Langdon
Marine and Coastal Code
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Cornwall’s coastal and marine wildlife, so essential to our economy, is under pressure…it needs our help and respect! The Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code aims to minimise the effect to marine and coastal wildlife from encounters with people, making your marine and coastal encounter great for wildlife.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has joined forces with the RSPBCornwall Seal Group, National Trust, Marine Stranding Network and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), Cornwall Council, Devon and Cornwall Police Marine & Coastal Policing Team, the Marine Managment Organisation (MMO) and Natural England to tackle the important issue of marine wildlife disturbance and raise the issue of the protection of our coastal wildlife through the development of these web pages and the Cornwall Marine and Costal Code Group.

In 2014 the Coastal Code group commissioned ERCCIS to produce a map of marine sensitive areas around the coast of Cornwall for cetaceans, basking sharks, birds, seals and nationally important habitats. 

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