Wildlife Sensitivity Map

You can enjoy our wonderful coastline and take part in a vast range of marine outdoor activities in Cornwall without disturbing important habitats or species.

This map shows areas important for the survival of seabirds, basking sharks, seals and cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises). These are animals that are easily disturbed by human activity, but other sensitive species also use our waters so always give priority to wildlife in any area. This map is a working document and will change with time. It is intended only as a guide, it is your responsibility to seek additional advice where required.

You should always give priority to wildlife. Red areas on the map show highly sensitive areas in which you should take extra care not to disturb marine wildlife. Yellow areas are potentially less sensitive, but you should still be alert and give wildlife space and time. In the blue areas you are less likely to cause a disturbance issue, but you should still give priority to wildlife in any area. 

Click on a location to see the species that are most sensitive to disturbance, plus any seasonal restrictions that may apply. 


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